No confidence motion 2018

No confidence motion 2018

July 24, 2018 2 By namitsmritiagarwal

a tricky rahul hugs a confused modiThe BJP led Modi government sailed easily and smoothly through the no-confidence motion against it in the Lok Sabha, last week on Friday with prime minister, Narendra Modi dubbing it as a result of the opposition’s arrogance and their mindset of “Modi hatao”. The big debate lasted for about 12 hours in the lower house of the parliament(highest debate ever) of which 60 minutes were contributed by the congress chief Rahul Gandhi in his speech and 90 minutes by the BJP led Modi government. BJP very easily won the no-confidence motion with 325 votes in their favour out of a total of 421 votes. 

Gandhi’s attack

rahul hugs the pm Rahul gandhi in his 60 min long speech placed quite a bit of allegations on the Modi government for not being able to carry on their promises dutifully. He launched his first attack on the government for not being able to reach their goal of providing employment to 2cr young people in the year 2016-17 and another based on its inactiveness to provide any kind of relief to the dalits, women and the tribals who were being attacked. Even after all such allegations he did not stop and went on to abuse the government by calling the surgical strike as a ‘jumla strike’. Before concluding his speech Rahul Gandhi thought it better to clear that he did not hold any grievance against anybody no matter how much others abused him or laughed at him calling him ‘Pappu’ and in order to prove his ‘true’ affection towards Narendra Modi he went to his chair to give him a hug and stealed the limelight.

Modi’s retaliation

pm modi giving his speech Obviously when Rahul Gandhi had earned applause from the members of the parliament through his gimmicks of hugging the PM, how could Naredra Modi stay back without retaliating in his long 90 minutes speech? He in fact is known  for his long and patriotic speeches and has been effective in proving the Gandhis wrong all the time. He soon turned the tables on Rahul, saying, he appeared to be in a hurry to occupy his seat as he kept asking him to stand up for an embrace. Furthermore referring to Gandhi’s wink in the House following his speech. Modi said, “The whole country has watched the game he played with his eyes, evoking laughter from the treasury benches as he gestured with his hands. Also on Rahul’s remark that the PM cannot look in his eyes because of his inability to perform his rightful task, Modi, jokingly replied saying, “You are ‘naamdar’, I am ‘kaamdar’; i cannot dare to see eye-to-eye with you”. Modi clearly hit back at Rahul Gandhi for his childish behaviour and challenged him to bring a no-confidence motion against his government again in 2024- a remark seen as his confidence in returning to power next year as he gave a point by point retort to the charges levelled by Gandhi.