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Email Marketing Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

t has this image of mundaneness because it has been  around for decades and is all about work. Often it is perceived as that necessary evil that that can’t compete on marketing terms with the rather fun Twitter chap. YouTube or Pinterest is like a super model compared to the dowdy and buttoned up email dingleberry.

But if you talk to any serious marketer, blogger or online store owner who has been around a while, then building an email list from day one is a number one priority.

You own it and it is known to deliver!

It may not be the life of the party but it is that efficient PA that just gets the job done. It is like your accountant that understands the meaning of numbers.

Some of us have been too distracted by the shiny new marketing tool called “social media”

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the basic principles of an internet marketing strategy. Often it was the only marketing tool available to bloggers when blogging was in its infancy. It becomes essential whenever you are pursuing numerous leads for marketing your brands and products. With so many tasks to manage, such as:

  • Handling an auto-responder
  • Managing subscriptions of your clients
  • Sending of emails to your potential customers
  • Sending out follow up emails

This can be a very daunting task. That is why an email marketing software becomes a very valuable marketing tool for bloggers and companies that help them manage their email lists and is designed for ease of use and convenience.

1. Constant Contact

If you are looking for a free email campaign to start with, then Constant Contact provides a great solution for your email marketing needs. If you are just starting out and want to get the feel on how an email marketing campaign will work for you, it is best to start from opting for a free email service than paying for AWeber’s paid email marketing tools.

2. MailChimp

MailChimp is an easy to use tool and also a powerful option for those who want to focus on business and eCommerce rather than just affiliate marketing for earning money in their business.

MailChimp’s email service allows you to

  • Integrate your emails with shopping carts and CRM’s
  • Allows a free email service for your first 500 subscribers.
  • It also creates a personalized sign up form that matches your brand, giving you the opportunity to post them on your social media account on Facebook.
  • Its custom forms allow you to send emails and display sign up posts that carry your brand.
  • You can also create a template for your own customization preferences and you can also send customized messages to send out to your subscribers.
  • With the help of MailChimp, email marketing is easier with its drag and drop feature.

Now, you can manage your email marketing campaign without using AWeber.

3. Aweber

AWeber is an internet email marketing software that has historically been popular among digital marketers. This software has evolved to become a very useful tool that helps both the newbies and the pros alike in email marketing. It comes with convenient features that assist everyone who want to earn money from email marketing and AWeber is often the email marketing platform of choice.

4. Get Response

Get Response is another email marketing software solution that can take the place of AWeber because of its intuitive designs and tools for creating beautiful and attractive email newsletters. They have numerous template designs that allow its users to unlock their creativity in making their own email design to promote their brand and business.

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