Product Management vs Brand Management

Often, people get confused with the concepts of brand management versus product management. They tend to think that both are the same since they deal with a specific product being marketed and hence managed from incubation to sales. However, there are crucial differences in the way product managers and brand managers operate. For instance, brand management is […]

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

1. Start with what you do best The publishers that best monetize their content make millions. But that didn’t happen overnight and the publishers didn’t start by trying to write about every product under the sun. Instead the best way to get started is to write about specific products that you know about. Think about […]

Email Marketing Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

t has this image of mundaneness because it has been  around for decades and is all about work. Often it is perceived as that necessary evil that that can’t compete on marketing terms with the rather fun Twitter chap. YouTube or Pinterest is like a super model compared to the dowdy and buttoned up email […]

How does affiliate marketing work?

Smart entrepreneurs running a thriving business know there’s always more they can do to make that business grow. One way of taking things to the next level is by finding an alternate stream of income. That doesn’t mean starting a second business, but finding ways to complement and grow the business you have by offering […]


1. Use the Double Opens Strategy When you use “double opens strategy,” more subscribers will open your emails. This means a better chance of driving more revenue from these email campaigns. So: what is double opens strategy exactly? Simply put, it means you should resend the same email to the subscribers who did not open your first […]

Simple and Effective Principles Of Brand Management

What Is Brand Management? Brand management is the development of brand perception in the market. Constructing a positive relationship with the target market is vital for brand management. But it also encompasses all aspects of the customer’s brand association and relationship with the purchasing process. This includes tangible elements of a brand. Brand management is […]